We are dedicated to the freezing and processing of fish and farm resources with a production destined to foreign and domestic markets
We possess diverse lines of production and offer a vast range of products in his different presentations.
In Inal you will find Breaded and Buttered products, and also frozen products, that they are supplied to recognized international companies and to a large chain of supermarkets.
We are committed to achieving the company’s expansion and improvement to enhance product manufacturing in compliance with quality standards.
Our company has highly qualified human and technological resources to provide clients and suppliers with specialized service and ensure the quality and marketing of products
With a vast experience on the market, our industry is committed to protecting environment and the sustainability reflected in the safety, hygiene and trust as part of our corporate responsibility policy.

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The company started with frozen products in 2005 with outsourced production processes. As part of the business expansion, a year later the current factory it was established in the Industrial Park General Savio in Mar del Plata, where the company started with fish processing with its own technology resources.
In an effort to continue growing and be able to answer the growing market demand, in 2008 we made a significant investment to increase the freezing volume. In this sense, we incorporated new technologies, which led us to being able to complete these demands successfully. 
Tailored to meet the international market requirements in terms of raw material classification and after several trade agreements, in 2009 we decided to refurbish the factory again and install specific equipment for this purpose.
That year we expanded our offices in the Public Relations area and established the Human Resources area to optimize customer service. Then in January 2011, we opened a new production line of breaded and buttered products to meet the needs of our customers and continue with our expansion plans.

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Quality in food processing under strict safety and hygiene controls.

Confidence in compliance with the agreed contractual commitments.

Sustainability resulting from environmental care and proper use of natural resources.

Technical expertise applied to production processes by qualified staff and cutting-edge technology.

Specialized customer service through ongoing staff training.

Flexibility and adaptability to meet the market needs.

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Our Mision:

•To provide the domestic and foreign markets with quality frozen food products.

•To meet deadlines in a timely manner, implementing cutting-edge technology and respecting the quality of its products.

•To ensure excellent service for our suppliers and customers.

•To achieve an environment that motivates our employees, generating teamwork and opportunities of progress


Our Vision:

• To become one of the leading companies in the food industry recognized for its quality, safety, reliability.

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Our processing plant has four production lines, two of them, fully dedicated to Breaded and Buttered Products, one to the Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) process, and the other dedicated to the interleaved production.

The company has stocks of different species to meet the foreign demand. We carefully select the raw material and offer fish products in different presentations such as IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) or interleaved.

Upon our customers’ request, we also offer food production for third parties with their own brand. The service includes various presentations, bulk or split, packed individually ready to be placed on supermarket shelves.


Inal provides its foreign customers with interleaved or IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) products of hake, ray fin, Brazilian flat head, flounder, whiting, magrú, sea bass and angelfish upon their request.

In addition, Inal offers a wide range of breaded, pre-fried and frozen fish and farm products to supply the domestic market. Burgers, sticks, nugget shapes and fillets with varied and delicious fillings are some of the presentations.


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A wide range of breaded, pre-fried and frozen fish, chicken and farm products is destined for the domestic market: burgers, sticks, nugget shapes and fillets with varied and delicious fillings. 

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Interleaved or IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) products of hake, ray fin, Brazilian flat head, flounder, whiting, magrú, sea bass and angelfish are provided for the foreign market.

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Our company focuses on providing services and products in compliance with the highest quality standards to obtain international certifications that allow us to reach different global markets. Our production is mainly exported to the European Community, the United States, Israel, Russia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, England, Africa, Australia, China, Poland, Japan, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay.


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Internal Market

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